©Nadège Fagoo/Light MotivEight month ago, we met Eric Le Brun (Light Motiv), with a lot of questions.  We wanted to tackle climate change issues with a new approach, as non profit dedicacted to environment protection and empowerment. The idea was to plan a photographic exhibition with public participation.

We also wanted to remove stereotypes, such as white bear on Artic ice, wind turbines field, dry land. We were looking for images able to move, question and inspire people. Finding such images, this was a whole new ballgame ! We really needed help. The good surprise was that Eric, photographer and editor, decided to go on with us. That day of march, the project changed and turned into something new.

Finally, after many discussions, readings, delights and forgoing, he came out with an amazing selection of ten photographs, coming from well-known artists or young creation. Thanks to Eric, we discovered artists whose photographs talk so well about our concerns. We are proud to show them all together at Les Bains Révélateurs, in Roubaix (France)  from 2 to 18t of December, as well as on this website. We hope they will inspire and stimulate many contributions. In 2016 the ten artworks will be associated with the images sent by the public. What will they show about our ability to face climate change ? Next step to come !